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Connect 4 Monitored Security

Based in the West Midlands, Connect 4 Monitored Security is a trading name of Connect 4 Security Limited. A specialist team of home security experts, we supply and install home monitoring security systems with emergency response capability. We are an SSAIB accredited installer of Intruder Alarm Systems.

Connect 4 Monitored Security prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction and if you have any queries or concerns we will always endeavour to address these immediately. In the first instance, we would recommend that you contact your Connect 4 Monitored Security Advisor or customer services team who should be able to resolve your query. If you are still dissatisfied then you should address your concerns to the customer solutions team in writing. You can do this via email or via our head office. We aim to resolve all customer queries in five working days. If your complaint is still not resolved to your satisfaction after five days then we will escalate this to our director’s office.


Unfortunately, we cannot use any parts of an existing home security system. In most cases, we are unable to do so due to compatibility issues. In addition, we would not be able to provide a full warranty on a system that had been retrofitted using existing modules as we could not guarantee 100% of the installation.

Once you and your Security Advisor have selected a home security solution and your order has been confirmed with our customer services team, we will endeavour to book an installation with you within 48 hours. 

However, please be aware that installation dates can take up to 14 days to schedule. This will depend on your location and the time of year. Due to high demand, installation times may take longer to schedule. We will advise you of this when you place your order and keep you fully informed. 

On occasion, your home security solution may require bespoke programming or selected products that must be ordered; this can also affect the lead time of your planned installation.

From the moment our Security Advisor visits your home, we will be putting together a tailored instruction service suitable for your individual needs including the type of security system you have chosen, your home and the way you want the system to be configured. Our installation engineer will complete the set-up to your specifications including instructions on how to arm and disarm the system, how to change remote settings and to toggle which areas are activated. Our engineer will give you an explanation of how the system works as well as leaving you with the relevant literature. We also provide full technical telephone support and additional on-site back up should you need it.

Our systems operate wirelessly and, with the exception of the fixed telephone line and power cable, there are no visible wires post-installation. Our engineers will ensure that your installation is as unobtrusive and neat as possible.


Other than the replacement of batteries which can usually be scheduled in at the time of your annual maintenance visit, there are no hidden charges with a Connect 4 Monitored Security system. We do not charge for call outs to reset your alarm or for engineers to return to site following an installation. Our prices are an all-inclusive package.

All Connect 4 Monitored Security systems are installed with battery back-up that provides a minimum of eight hours power in the event of mains power loss. If you experience a power outage then your system will remain active for this period. Power outages of eight hours or longer will require a change of battery earlier than the scheduled annual maintenance visit.


In order to provide you with the peace of mind that an alarm system should offer anyone, a Keyholder Response system works by notifying one of two nominated people to alert them to an alarm activation. They must then respond by attending the property to meet with the emergency services so they can gain entry. It is a requirement of your URN application (see below) that you have two nominated keyholders.

With Keyholder Response, you nominate two people who hold the keys to your property who can respond to check whether there is an active incident that requires an appropriate response or to reset your alarm in the event of a false-activation. Your chosen keyholders must not live at the alarmed property and you must provide landline contact numbers in addition to mobile contact information. Your two keyholders must not live together and you should notify them in advance of the installation as we will use their details during set-up and installation.

You can change the details we hold about your keyholders at any time by contacting our customer services team by telephone. We will require separate written notification to confirm these changes. You should ensure that your designated keyholders are aware of the protocols they should follow in the event of responding to an active alarm situation.

Nominated keyholders should be trained to use the Connect 4 Monitored Security system and be conversant in how to reset the alarm. They should be able to reach the property within 20 minutes of being alerted and have the means of transport to respond at any time. They should wait at the property to afford access to the emergency services (if you have this cover) or follow the agreed response guidelines to reset the alarm.

No alarm systems link directly to the emergency services. Our police, fire and medical monitored response systems are linked to a dedicated and specialist Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) that operates 24/7. When an event is triggered through our system, our specialists rapidly respond to notify the appropriate emergency services. In addition, Connect 4 Monitored Security continue to monitor and assess the situation to ensure the appropriate action is being taken.

In order to set-up an emergency services response alarm system you will need to apply for a URN (Unique Reference Number). Connect 4 Monitored Security will manage this application for you but it can take a few weeks to set up. Once the URN is confirmed and authorised, your monitored system will be linked to our automatic emergency services ARC.

To minimise the number of false alarms reported to your keyholders or emergency services (more than two in a rolling 12-month period can result in police response being withdrawn) we incorporate a brief window of grace on each alarm activation.

System Takeover/Police Response (U.R.N.)

Connect 4 Security is able to help customers affected by the withdrawal of Police Response in the event that an existing monitored security alarm provider has had their Police Compliance status revoked. 

For more information on a System Takeover for Police Response (U.R.N), please see details here.


An audio-visual system is installed to alert homeowners to any breach in their security system. Customers can choose to upgrade their standard installation to include additional safety alarms including smoke, fire and heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors. Security can also be enhanced with the use of wireless ‘hold-up’ alarms and perimeter detectors. We can also install additional home security and safety alarm devices such as flood detectors and shock detectors. All of our add-ons can be installed with the main system or can be retrofitted after initial installation.