Monitored Security

Comprehensive home security to afford your family with protection you can have confidence in.

24/7 Monitored Home Security

All of our home security solutions are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year by highly trained and qualified security professionals. It enables us to ensure that we can guarantee an immediate response when you need it most; whether that’s a medical emergency, a breach of your home security defences, fire or flood. With two-way audio communication as standard in our systems, you can be confident that your family and property are protected.

Intruder Alert

Connect 4 Monitored Security systems offer a first line of home defence acting as deterrent and early warning system as well as providing the full back up security of being connected to a dedicated monitoring service. In the event of an intrusion, an effective, high volume alarm tone will sound and the monitoring station will activate your emergency response policy. Whether this is alerting the police or contacting your keyholders, a triggered alarm with Connect 4 Monitored Security is never an ignored alarm.

personal hold up alarm

Wireless Alert Button

We can also supply wireless panic buttons that can be incorporated in your home security system. Designed for use in the event of a personal attack, our hold up alarms offer portable protection around the home. Activating the alarm alerts the monitoring station of an immediate need of personal assistance. An emergency response request is then issued to the police on your behalf.

audible alert home security system

Audio Security Confirmation

When you arm or disarm a Connect 4 Monitored Security system, you will hear voice confirmation of your settings to reassure you that the alarm has been activated (or deactivated). The reassuring electronic voice acts to provide assurance that you have selected the correct setting so you can be confident your home is secure.

perimeter protection

Perimeter Detection

Connect 4 Monitored Security can supply additional protection for your property with perimeter detectors. Alerting you to an event where someone breaches your boundary, these early warning sensors can be included in your home security solution.

Night Setting & Zoning

All Connect 4 Monitored Security systems can be configured with a 'Night Setting' or with partial zone arming modes. This enables our monitored home security system to be tailored to suit your individual needs. A night setting is commonly used to arm an area, such as the downstairs of a property, that won't be used by your family during the night. This configuration can be enabled at any time. Partial zoning is also useful to arm some areas of the house such as those that are not frequently used or are particularly vulnerable or exposed. Our security advisers and installation engineers will work with you to get the best configuration to protect you and family whilst you are asleep.

Pet Friendly Security Sensors

A common concern for customers, and something that many inferior products cannot sufficiently handle, is the presence of pets on an alarm system. Connect 4 Monitored Security uses intelligent passive infra red sensors that differentiate between an intruder and a pet. Installed in unobtrusive positions, these state-of-the-art wireless PIRs ensure that no area of your home is left vulnerable just because you have pets. 

Wireless Installations

With the exception of a permanent telephone cable and power line, all of our installations are fully wireless meaning no more messy cables or intrusive wiring. Even the keypad controller allows for remote control access, for your ease of use.

Future Proofing As Standard

We know that an investment in a home security system should be one that not only provides you with robust and reliable protection now but also into the future. That's why Connect 4 Monitored Security's systems are fully flexible and allow for modulisation at a later date should you wish to expand your home security, upgrade or enhance it. As a company that prides itself on delivering the most up-to-date technology, we know that this future proofing is something that our customers will benefit from.