Police Response

Secure monitored connection delivering immediate emergency support.

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Police Response

Whilst most monitored alarm systems will only provide an automated response to designated key holders, Connect 4 Monitored Security is proud to offer qualified police response. Subject to a successful application (managed by Connect 4 Monitored Security) with the local police service for a Unique Reference Number (URN), your alarm can be linked directly to our Monitoring Station in order to facilitate a police response to your home should there be a Confirmed Activation.

In the event of an emergency such as a personal hold up, breach of your home or other activation of your home security system, the police will be alerted and respond on a Level 1 call out in accordance with the NPCC Guidelines.

‚ÄčWith an emergency police response, you can be confident that your home and family are protected by the most rapid security response available.

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Emergency Police Response: FAQ

In the event of alarm activation, a signal is automatically sent to our monitoring station identifying whether police or fire presence is required. Upon receipt, the police will be notified under a Level 1 response service. In addition, your monitored security station will also alert your key holders who are required to attend the property to await the arrival of the emergency services. They should be able to attend an event within 20 minutes and wait until the police service are on site.

A URN (or Unique Reference Number) is a confirmed reference number that is issued by the Police Authority in conjunction with an accredited security systems company. The URN allows your monitored alarm system to be linked to a compliant monitoring station/ alarm receiving centre (ARC) to obtain a police response on your behalf.

It can take several weeks to process an application for a URN. This process is assisted by Connect 4 Security Limited in conjunction with your serving police force

The police will attend two false alarms in any 12-month rolling period before issuing a warning. After a warning has been issued, any further false alarms could result in your URN being revoked and your police response service being terminated.