System Takeover/Police Response (U.R.N.)

Help! My Monitored Security Alarm Provider Has Lost Their Police Compliance Status.

If you have received a notification from your serving Police Force containing their notice to withdraw your Police Response Unique Reference Number (URN), you only have a period of time to find an alternative provider. This is often because your existing alarm provider has not acted in accordance with the Police Guidelines and/or those of an Industry Regulator. Even though this is through no fault of your own, the loss of Police Response (even after an actual alarm notification) is the result and unfortunately, regardless of the money you have already paid. 

emergency police response urn withdrawal

Many alarm companies who have suffered the ultimate sanction of losing their Police Compliance status (which has badly affected their customers) therefore try to convince you that a private response to your house in the form of ‘Manguard’ or ‘Guarded Response’ is a “better” option. This is simply not true; Police Response to your property, should always be your first priority, because anything less than a Level 1 Response by your serving Police Force, is considered inferior by comparison.

The good news is that Connect 4 Security are a respected and accredited national monitored alarm provider, that can facilitate in you regaining your alarm’s Police Response. We are listed as a Police Recognised Installer with 40 Police Forces across the country, respectfully adhering to the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) Alarm Policy Guidelines. 

We also comply strictly to the protocols of our Industry Regulator, the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB), who regularly check the required standards are being met. Ultimately, these policy standards are in place in order to protect you as a monitored alarm user and give you and your property the best protection available. 

We can save you time and money by you not having to replace your actual alarm system. As a dependable and respected company, Connect 4 Security’s technical experience means we can take-over the maintenance and service provision of your existing alarm, without the need for you to buy a new system and liaise with your Police Force in order for you to retain your URN for existing Police Response. If the period of notice given to you by the Police has elapsed, we can still be able to provide assistance.

Either way, simply contact our Customer Services on 0344 324 6020 where our Team will be able to help you retain and replace your Police Response