Prevention is Better Than Cure: 5 Ways to Deter Burglars


A monitored home security system offers you important peace of mind and goes some way to protecting your family and home against intruders. However, prevention is better than a cure and we firmly believe in doing all you can to limit the risk of your home being targeted by would-be burglars.
We wanted to give you some ideas and tips to help prevent your home security from being breached.

Secure your home

Most burglaries that occur in the UK are not pre-planned, they are the result of opportunistic thieves who spot an open window or door. Even if you are in, you should ensure that access to your home is not an option for criminals. With 57% of burglaries occurring when the owner is present in the home, you should secure your ground floor doors and windows, particularly at night. It’s worth pointing out that 73% of burglars use doors to gain entry to a property but only 3% of these are left open. Most are simply a case of being left unlocked.
Over half of all burglaries happen at night so always make sure your house is secured when you go to bed.
Doors and windows should be fitted with strong locks that are visibly so.

Hide your valuables from view

Again, opportunistic thieves who spot valuables from windows will go to greater length to gain access. Keep cash, jewellery, phones and computers hidden out of sight. You should also hide your car keys. Though vehicle theft is on the decline, 5 out of every 100 robberies do result in cars, vans or motorcycles being stolen.
Hiding your valuables in the bedroom is a bad idea as it is the first place that burglars check. Get creative with where you hide your things and distribute them around the home rather than all in one place.

Install an alarm system

An alarm system is the number one deterrent for burglars in the home. However, it is important that your alarm is activated and that you have a procedure for response. 34% of alarm owners rarely arm their systems when they leave the house and a further 33% of people believe the sound of an alarm to be false. Having a monitored alarm system from an accredited installer with named key holders who can attend the report of a triggered alarm is essential if you want to maximise your home security. Even better is a security system that is linked to an approved monitoring station for a police response.

Install security cameras

Defence is the best form of offence and installing security cameras can make intruders think twice before attempting to access your home. It’s a good idea to buy cameras that have night vision and  that can store several days of data on a hard drive.

Don’t fake it to make it

There are products on the market that give the appearance of both security cameras and alarm systems. By and large, these devices look fake and can easily be spotted by professional criminals as being dummies. On the same note, there are also plenty of creative security devices mass-marketed to homeowners which can seem like a good idea but in reality are not. Fake bricks by the front door that contain a set of house keys, fake cans for storing cash and jewellery etc. By virtue of the fact these products are widely advertised in national magazines and newspapers makes them an obvious target for intruders. A branded alarm bell box with a recognised security provider will assist in deterring would-be intruders.

If you want to know more about the best ways to secure your home then contact Connect 4 Monitored Security today to speak to a professional security adviser. We can provide you with a no-obligation assessment of the security in your home with fully costed proposals about the options to enhance your existing protection.